Amy Sangster IS NOT a scam. Here’s why.

My name is Karen Walker and I am a 32 year old wife and mother to three beautiful children. I am also a forex trader in between times. I recently came across Amy Sangster and her company Infinite Prosperity and was intrigued that another woman was doing well in such a male dominated industry. I immediately began reading up about her.

I signed up for her trading course to see what the teaching was like and to fine tune my skills. Initially I assumed it was going to be just strategies that I would learn, but found that it was the only trading course in all my years that I could really relate to. I was absolutely astounded at how two young individuals could put together such a comprehensive and mind blowing course that cut all the unnecessary “fluff” from the curriculum. The support they have given me is amazing (they answer all my emails within the day), and my trading has improved dramatically. I used to be quite inconsistent (which I learnt was due to my mindset and approach), and now produce a much more stable side income for my family.

In doing some more reading, I was shocked to stumble across a forum labeling her a scam, simple because she was young, female and didn’t fit the mould of a typical trader. This brings me to the point of why I am writing this article. I believe it is completely wrong that any person on a forum can jump online and ruin someone’s name by posting their (incorrect) opinions about them. I take personal offense to the claims that women (specifically good looking ladies) can not or should not trade, or have alternate motives for wanting to spread the word about forex. It is an extremely outdated way of thinking, and one that I will do my best to oppose. That being said, I highly highly recommend and support Amy and Infinite Prosperity, and would be happy to speak to anyone with concerns about the two.

Women are not, have not, and never will be secondary to men. Anyone making assumptions without taking that into consideration is doing themselves a serious disservice.